"We're playing ourselves in the movie actually but not quite."


We're here with two members of D-2, can you tell to the Dolph Lundgren fans who you are because I think you're pretty big in Bulgaria ?
I'm Dito (Dejan Kamenov), that's Sasho (Alexander Obretenov). We're a rock band from Bulgaria, one of the biggest, we're about to break big worldwide after that movie, so remember us! We're playing ourselves in the movie actually but not quite, not as D-2 but as "Cheap Mother Fuckers"! It's a band named after our manager.

How did you get involved in the movie?
Dolph heard our last album "6", and liked it very much. We met, he came, he played, we conquered!

Did you rehearse very much? How long did you prepare?
The last maybe three, four weeks, maybe a month. He took classes from our drummer, who's hiding somewhere. Dolph is doing pretty well.

Would you take him on tour?
Yeah maybe! We gotta rehearse for half a year so he can know all our songs and then we can go tour, maybe for the US tour!

What about the songs in the movie?
We got two songs in the movie, I won't tell you the names yet, but you'll hear them anyway.

Are they original songs?
One of the songs is from the last album, but we made English lyrics for the movie because it was in Bulgarian originally, and the other song we made just two weeks ago, especially for the movie.

How do you like being in this film? Did you grow up watching Dolph Lundgren's movies?
Yeah of course! We like Rocky and Universal Soldier, the first one… The Punisher! We like The Punisher! Of course we grew up with these movies and now we're in one! It's fucking great! Can I say "fuck" on the web camera?!... So we're playing ourselves in the movie, and then we get shot, I get blasted away, and Dolph is high somewhere in the bathroom and he wakes up, starts killing all the terrorists and it's fun. He's punishing again!

First time in a movie?
Yeah, first time! It's good though and not so complicated because we're playing a rock band, and we' are a rock band. It's not too much of an acting challenge is it?

Except for the squibs…
...and the dying part! So we die in every concert, after every concert, it's usual for us!

What do you have coming up, an album?
The band is celebrating our, actually theirs, 10th anniversary, and mine will be 4th because...

You changed the lead singer?
Yeah, I joined the band three years ago, so the album maybe coming up for the 10th anniversary, there will be a big one, maybe in this hall. Maybe we'll play it right here, we'll ask Dolph to play the drums for us!

You should! Anything you'd like to add?
Having a lot of fun, can't wait to get blasted and killed and spread all over the fucking place! It's fun being in Command Performance, thank you Dolph! We love you Dolph! That's it!

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