"The beautiful thing with Dolph is that he still allows us all to throwing out creative input."


What was your reaction when you first heard about the project?
I was actually very excited to hear about it. I was working actually with Dolph when he was telling us about this one. And just the idea of a rock concert and the sort of take over situation mixed up was an interesting idea, considering that they want to do it almost like a music video sort of feel, interesting idea, I haven’t done a film like that before so, it was nice to see it.

How does he work and tells about his vision?
The beautiful thing with Dolph is that he still allows us all to throwing out creative input. I think it’s a very good thing because it’s not just a situation of what Dolph sees, he’s worked with everybody from AD, music, sound, costume, costume design, and I worked with everybody involved. I do a basic layout with the team and the team put it together and we just make the selection, on what looks the best for what we have, as another financial parameters not so huge so we have to be very smart in how we put it together. I think overall it’s looking pretty good.

What are the challenges on project like this with the action and the music etc?
In this case, that doesn’t affect me so much, what does affects me is we working on a location. And sometimes doing builds is a time versus cost situation. The parameters are not unlike set pieces I’ve done before, but the thing is to fit it all within a time frame, and get it ready on time, that’s being the bigger challenge and also we’ll be going into night shoots that’s makes it also more difficult. But all in all I think, it’s standing out OK, it’s looking good at least!

Do you work wit the DP as well to make sure you’re on the same page?
Oh yes, we actually discussed the lighting, although the time is being quite crunched, for us to share all the beautiful ideas we usually have. But, before the form began we sort of had an idea of where it would go, and we just try to accommodate each other as we move along. We just don’t have as much time as I wish we had… but it’s exciting, he’s given it such a music video look. I think it will be a good project.

You worked quite a lot with Nu Image and in Bulgaria, how do you keep the excitement of working on a new project?
Well, the projects themselves have their own demand and own criteria, so for me it’s not a boring career at all, I mean I love this work, and we’ve got a lot of good talented people. Bulgarian people I think, they try to do their best, although sometimes we do have certain communication there’s a little bit of a gap in there, but we try to work as best as we can together. Look it is fun, it’s certainly had work but it’s fun, it’s challenging but it’s I like it.

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