Prolific is the word that best describes filmmaker Steve Latshaw. With his name on 35 feature films to date as writer, producer or director (or a combination of all three) he’s found himself in constant demand. As a writer alone, he can claim to be one of the most produced writers in Hollywood, credited with scribing some 25 independent feature films,
in a variety of genres, 15 of them in one hectic three year period.

Born and raised in the prairie winds and farm country of Decatur, Illinois (soy bean capitol of the world), Steve Latshaw spent the first part of his career working in local radio and television, as a news photographer, DJ, news reporter and radio news anchor and commercial voice-over artist. A move to Florida in the late 80s continued his on-air work and jump-started his feature film career, landing him a featured extra bit on the set of Ron Howard’s PARENTHOOD.

Speaking parts followed, including a recurring role on the Ilya Salkind/Viacom series SUPERBOY. But Steve’s focus and interest was increasingly on behind-the-camera duties and he soon found himself working in a distinctly Roger Corman-esque fashion, producing and directing a string of successful B movies in the swamps in and around Orlando, Florida. These included the home video/cable hits DARK UNIVERSE (1993) and JACK-O (1995), as well as the cult classic VAMPIRE TRAILER PARK (1991). Relocating to Los Angeles in 1995, Steve continued his career as both writer and director, though on markedly larger budgeted projects. With a filmography well into the double digits, Steve's recent screenwriting credits have included the Sci Fi Channel superhero adventure STAN LEE’S LIGHTSPEED (2007) and the family adventure AMERICAN BLACK BEAUTY (2005), starring Dean Stockwell. Two projects are upcoming for Sci Fi Channel, both produced in Europe… PLANET RAPTOR , featuring starring Steven Bauer, Ted Raimi and Vanessa Angel and XENOPHOBIA, starring C. Thomas Howell and Ron Silver. Over the last few years he’s also become the go-to scribe for independent action-adventure features, with a string of successful projects starring everyone from Treat Williams and Dolph Lundgren to Jean-Claude Van Damme.

He currently has a new TV movie (DEADLY RISING) in pre-production at Regent Entertainment and is shopping a new character driven action-horror spec called DEVIL’S BEND, described as ”Deliverance meets The Descent."

He is represented by Roma Roth at REEL WORLD MANAGEMENT.

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