"It is always easier to work with actor-director"

"Filmmaking is a mutual process - everyone learns things every day."


When did you first met with Dolph Lundgren? Was it on the set of The Inquiry?
Yes, we met on set of The Inquiry for the first time.

How did he approach you for Command Performance and what did you think when you heard about the project?
Through the casting director.

Was it always for the part of Petrov or didn't he offered the part of the Oleg Kazov first?

How did you prepare for the role? Did you do some research?
Nothing that very different.

What there anything you were apprehensive about?

Petrov is interesting he has different facets: the president/leader, the father, the victim and the hero, what do you think?
He is a normal human being

Your character practices judo and ultimately takes action, do you practice martial arts?
Yes, mostly in the past.

Was it easy to create a bond with your daughters in the film?
Yes, they were very sweet.

How interesting did you find working with Dolph Lundgren as a director?
It is always easier to work with actor-director

Is he different from other directors?
Every person is unique.

Did you learn something from him or from working on this film?
Filmmaking is a mutual process - everyone learns things every day.

What did you find the most difficult on this project?
Nothing in particular.

Would you like to work with Dolph again?
Yes, for sure

Thank you very much and good luck on your next projects!

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